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The answer to every question

Ernest Holmes says, The answer to every question is within man (woman), because man is within Spirit, and Spirit is an Individual Whole!

Every ANSWER is within You. NOW, it would be very bold of me to say that ends the whole discussion – and let’s go home. I mean come-on. YOU have the answers.

And yet, we still sit and wait – WHAT are we waiting for ?

I believe we are waiting for that Light Bulb – for that Ahhaa moment. Everyone of us has an Inner Voice – like a unlit candle waiting to be lit.

So we listen to others – which is OK – and get a glimmer of light – so that we can find the book of matches – and lite that Inner Voice – called God – and we discover that answer within.

The answer to every question is within man (woman). And, we must discover our own process to reveal what is already there.

There are many other ways to hear that Inner Voice. There is meditation, walking, sitting quietly, painting, music, journaling, or possibly gardening.

Rev David Ault says, “Honor the restlessness within you. It’s telling you it is time to go further (or go deeper).

In my opinion, I believe all of us are restless. Honor that restlessness – and DO take the time to go further. Take that one – easy – gentle step. With each step you take, you are one step closer.

The answer to every question is within man (within ME). Whether that question is about romance, a soul mate, a healthy body, the next career, or financial freedom.

This week I will honor myself and meditate 10 minutes more. I will also be bold and commit to taking one quite walk this week.

Ok, take the time and listen to that Inner Voice. What is it telling you do this week? Wait for it… Good

And to you – Love Peace Joy

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald, RscP

Wayne is a licensed Life Practitioner and is available for personal Affirmative Prayers
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Healing Mind Body Spirit with Harmony

Words have power. More importantly, words have power when you use them consciously AND activate them with action.

In a spiritual mind treatment [affirmative prayer] I may use the words: Peace and Harmony.

To be effective, I must know and demonstrate Peace and Harmony in my everyday actions. Peace and Harmony are Laws of the Universe. They are the same in every country and for every person.

Science Mind text says, The Laws of of Mind and Spirit must be understood if they are to be consciously used for definite purposes. There is no limit to the Law, but there appears to be a limit to man’s understanding of it. The thing that makes us sick is the thing which heals. SOM 605-4

To better under what Harmony IS, let me begin with the definition from Webster:
Harmony is (1) A tuneful sound: a Melody. (2) Pleasing congruent arrangement of parts. 3. Internal calm: Tranquillity.

Harmony, as defined by the Science Mind text:
The secret of all progress is getting into right relationship with the Universal. In other words – “In tune with the Infinite.” When we are in-tune with harmony – harmony adjusts our affairs and enriches our lives. SOM 597-3

And last, Ernest Holmes says it best – If one would take time, once a day at least, to LET GO of all that is NOT true and lay hold of Reality; LET GO of doubt, distrust, worry, condemnation and fear, and lay hold of Life in Its expressions of beauty, truth and wholeness, his mental congestion would be healed. SOM 233-3

As I was writing this, I found several references to Harmony in the chapter – Physical Perfection: Healing Mind and Body. SOM 190-Chapter 14

Ernest Holmes says that the key to health is letting go that which is not perfection – God. He continues, Relax your thought and your body will respond to Its healing activity. SOM 233-3

And finally, the Readers Digest version is – Let Go and Let God.

That is all – Let Go and Let God – And relax your thought and your body will respond to Its healing activity.

And to you – Love Peace Joy and Harmony

And So It Is

Wayne McDonald, RscP

Wayne is a licensed Life Practitioner and is available for personal Affirmative Prayers
- Bio
- Spiritual Practices
- Request more information

*Science of Mind [SOM-text] by Ernest Holmes. Numbers like 253-3 refers to Page 253 and paragraph 3.

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Love Peace Joy

Imagine yourself, for a moment, feeling perfectly happy and peaceful. Now, imagine how this could spread peace through everyone.

You have the profound ability to heal simply by walking along your personal path of joy and peace. -Doreen Virtue & Robert Reeves

My personal mantra is LOVE – PEACE – JOY
Every email I send out ends with Love – Peace – Joy

On Facebook – if someone leaves a posting about a health challenge or a difficult day – or a life challenge – I send them a reply with Love Peace Joy

Is it making a difference in peoples lives. You bet it is. Are people being healed with these words. Right again.

How do I know this is true – easy. Listen to the following words.

Unemployment is up 10% – Another 5 people killed in… The cost of living has increased again to…

How do you feel after reading these words?

OK – clear those thoughts. Love – I am love and I radiate love to others. Peace – I am at Peace within myself – Joy – Everything I do fills me with Joy.

Our Center – The Granada Hills Center of Spiritual Living – knows we are making a difference in the community around us.

And it is EASY to bring these words that are Healing to our friends – family – co-workers and the cashier at the grocery store.

We do not have to be born again Science of Mind Practitioners. We do not have to tell anyone – or explain what our spiritual beliefs are.

Why? Because our words and actions will answer the question before it is asked. When asked, “How is your day?” You reply,
I am joyful – My day is delightful – My day is easy and peaceful.

Doesn’t that sound better than, “I’m late to work, I can’t wait for Friday, My life is a living hell”. You get the idea.

Today I give you a gift – For this week – May I suggest that you…
- End every email with Love – Peace – Joy
- Your facebook postings, include Love – Peace – Joy
- Repeat the words every minute – every hour – every day
Love Peace Joy

These words are Healing. Whatever challenges you may face this week, you have the choice. Love Peace Joy

As you meditate this week – or are doing the dishes – or driving to work – or visiting a friend – say to yourself Love Peace Joy

By repeating these words you ARE radiating Love Peace Joy
You ARE making a Shift in the world around you

And So it Is

Wayne McDonald, RscP

Wayne is a licensed Life Practitioner and is available for personal Affirmative Prayers
- Bio
- Spiritual Practices
- Request more information

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Spiritual Practices

There are three primary spiritual practices used by Centers for Spiritual Living: affirmative prayer, meditation, and visioning. Practicing these three tools on a daily basis has resulted in profound changes in the lives of numerous individuals and community members.

Affirmative Prayer

Centers for Spiritual Living uses a five-step affirmative prayer called spiritual mind treatment.

During the process of a Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer, Scientific Prayer or simply ‘Treatment’, we come to the realization that within the universe there is one Infinite, Universal Presence that permeates everything, and therefore this Presence, being everywhere, has to be right within us, as well. With this attitude of mind we reach an acceptance of new possibilities in life, we are able to ‘see’, ‘feel’ and speak of the good we desire as already ours. After a Treatment it is completed, sometimes a little work may be needed to get things going. We call this ‘Treat and Move Your Feet’.

A License Practitioner sees beyond outer appearances and sees the Truth – to see the client as Whole Perfect and Complete.

The five steps are:

1. Recognition—know that God is all there is.
2. Unification—know that you are one with God.
3. Declaration—state your word for the circumstance you want to manifest.
4. Thanksgiving—give thanks for your word being acted upon by the Law of mind.
5. Release—“And so it is!”

There is no beseeching to or urge to compel an outside entity in spiritual mind treatment.  As Ernest Holmes states in The Science of Mind [SOM text]:

Effective mental treatment is propelled by a consciousness of love and a realization that the Creative spirit is always at work….A treatment should be given in a calm, expectant manner and with a deep inner conviction of its reality, without any fear or any sense that the human mind must make it effective. The work is effective because the Law is always in operation.


In The Science of Mind [SOM text], Ernest Holmes defines meditation as:

The recognition of the Father within, the certainty of our Oneness with the Whole, the immediate availability of the Power and Wisdom resulting from this Oneness. Such communion with God brings harmony into our lives and affairs, establishes the law of health and prosperity, and makes us a light to all who cross our pathway.

Many methods of meditation exist, such as chanting, following the breath, using a mantra, contemplation, listening to the silence. The results are often similar for those who practice meditation regularly: deeper inner peace, greater clarity, and more profound connection to the unity of all life.


At The Centers for Spiritual Living, our high intention is to anchor everything we do in Divine vision and visioning.

Visioning involves going within, either alone or in a group, and listening for the highest outcome for any activity, organization, project, or union. Visioning can include a guided meditation where the facilitator asks questions such as, “What is the highest unfolding for [this project, organization, etc.]?” “What do I need to release to bring this vision into manifestation?” “What do I need to embrace?” Then participants can journal all that comes to them—words, images, ideas—during the meditation and share the answers with others. It’s amazing to see how frequently a number of participants have coinciding visions.

Additional Spiritual Practices

Other daily spiritual practices may include:

1) Reading books with spiritual teachings or positive thoughts
2) Daily Journaling
3) Writing a Gratitude Journal

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Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded for Third Day

Passengers on the fire-damaged Carnival Cruise Ship Stranded for Third Day in the Gulf of Mexico have reported worsening conditions including scarce running water, no air conditioning and long lines for food.

Carnival said original plans to haul the crippled ship to Progreso, Mexico, have been scrapped because the ship has drifted about 90 miles north because of strong currents. Instead, the Triumph will be towed to Mobile, Ala., and should arrive Thursday.
source: abc-news-topstories

Other related news

February 11, 2013, 8:30pm ET

The Carnival Triumph, while on a four-day cruise that departed Galveston last Thursday, experienced an engine room fire on Sunday morning and has been without propulsion in the Gulf of Mexico since that time.
source: carnival-news.com

Miami – November 16, 2010 – 11am

Carnival Cruise Lines has canceled voyages of the Carnival Splendor through the departure of January 9, 2011, to allow time for repairs following an engine room fire last week. The ship is scheduled to re-enter service on January 16, 2011.
source: carnival-news.com

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